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All Virtual Offices services are based on a one year term. No setup fee is charged. The accounts include a one time bonus for any future expenses (mail forwarding)

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Terms and Privacy Policy from Panamail International Corp (PANAMAIL)

  1. All client information is handled 100% private and confidential. No information will be accessible for third parties.

  2. Virtual Offices and the Individual Products are charged on a one year term.

  3. PANAMAIL will contact and notify clients one month prior to the renewal date. Thirty days after the expiry date, incoming mail will be rejected and voicemail numbers will be cancelled.

  4. Mail forwarding services are limited to business correspondence (letters, small parcels). We do not provide freight forwarding and do not sign for large parcels. Special arrangements can be made for larger or unusual parcels, however PANAMAIL must be consulted in advance.

  5. The client is responsible for any postage charges and handling fees, which have to be paid in advance.

  6. PANAMAIL does not forward any mail if the client's account has no credit.

  7. General mail delivery results in Panama have been improved by PANAMAIL. However, occasional delays with general mail deliveries (not courier) still may occur. PANAMAIL is not responsible for any lost items sent by general mail.

  8. DID numbers in Panama may occasionally experience connectivity problems with some international carriers. This never affects the functionality of the number within Panama, and usually only lasts for a brief period of time.

  9. Shared Voicemail: Messages can only be forwarded if caller follows instructions correctly. Name of account holder or company must be provided.

  10. Shared Fax Number: Faxes have to be addressed to account holder or company name to insure correct forwarding.

  11. PANAMAIL is not responsible for the content of the client's mail. In case of fraudulent use of the mailing address or any international law violation, the clients account can be closed at any time.

  12. Clients operating in the financial and investment area are advised to apply for a license at the SMV (Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores).

  13. In the event of dissatisfaction with the service, the service can be cancelled and a refund can be requested within the first 30 days of the contract. A 20% handling fee will be applied.

    b) Refunds can not be requested for incorporations orders, unless this is done prior to the registration of the company.


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